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In Grateful RemembranceIn Grateful Remembrance – Tadley War Memorial

In 2014, as part of the national commemorations to mark the start of World War I, Tadley and District History Society held an exhibition in the Community Centre of the lives of the 31 men. A second exhibition was held in St Paul’s hall the following year, to commemorate those who died in World War II. This book is as a result of the success of these two exhibitions. In Grateful Remembrance – Tadley War memorial tells the story behind the names. Not just the personal history of the thirty-seven men, but also that of the lives of those people they left at home. Tadley and District History Society are enormously grateful for the financial assistance given by Tadley Town Council which has enabled the publication of this book.

£10.00; £12.50 inc post and package


Tadley Tracks, Tadley Facts book cover


Tadley Tracks, Tadley Facts

Explore a little of Tadley and its environs and you will soon be extolling the joy and interest of the countryside which surrounds it, and wanting to know more about the quiet corners, full of secrets, changing splendours and peacefulness. The book contains nine walks, of between three and twelve kilometres in length, all with detailed maps, clear route directions and descriptions highlighting the historical background of the sites along the route.

£8.00; £10.50 inc post and package


Around Tadley


Around Tadley – people and places

This superb collection of over 300 photographs gives an unforgettable impression of people and places in Tadley from late-Victorian times up to the 1990s. Drawn from many sources the selection shows the dramatic changes that have taken place in the area over the last 100 years. This book will provide many memories and provide hours of enjoyable reading and reminiscing. Around Tadley – people and places is a companion to Tadley and District History Society’s previous publication Around Tadley – fact and fable.

£9.00; £11.50 inc post and package



Around Tadley

Around Tadley – fact and fable

Are you curious to know more about Tadley and its surrounding area – for example, where the phrase ‘Tadley Treacle Mines’ originated? Over two years research by Tadley and District History Society (TADS) has resulted in this book. It provides a valuable source of information across a broad spectrum of subjects and will appeal to a wide range of readers. Packed with interesting and unusual facts and fables and over fifty photographs and line drawings it provides a lasting record of people and events, houses and public buildings, shops and businesses that have contributed to the history of the area. This book will add to the knowledge, appreciation and enjoyment of this distinctive part of north Hampshire.

£8.00; £10.50 inc post and package



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