Smelly Alley – 8pm Wed 18th Mar 2020

Join us at St Paul’s Church, On the Green in Tadley for a great talk by Kevin Little on the History of Smelly Alley in Reading; a tale of fish and the decline of fishmongers!

Union Street, also known locally as Smelly Alley, is a pedestrian alley in the centre of the English town of Reading. It is lined with small shops and other retail outlets, and connects Broad Street and Friar Street. The name Smelly Alley came about in the 1940s, as there were many butchers and greengrocers, as well as two wet fish shops. In the 1970s there were four butchers, two greengrocers and two wet fish shops; also a baker’s shop, two record shops, a hi-fi shop, a shop selling jeans, a cafe, a roast chicken shop, a chocolate shop and a hardware shop.

The name Smelly Alley comes from the presence of the long-established Frosts, a fishmongers.

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