The Zulu Wars : End of an Era – 8pm Wed 19 Feb 2020

Join us at St Paul’s on the Green at Tadley for a fascinating talk on the Zulu Wars. People who have previously heard this talk seem very enthusiastic, particularly about the unexpected twist at the end of the talk! The pretext for the war had its origins in […]

Smelly Alley – 8pm Wed 18th Mar 2020

Join us at St Paul’s Church, On the Green in Tadley for a great talk by Kevin Little on the History of Smelly Alley in Reading; a tale of fish and the decline of fishmongers! Union Street, also known locally as Smelly Alley, is a pedestrian alley in […]

November 2019 Talk – A Celebratory History of Christmas

We were lucky to have an  interesting and informative talk about a Celebratory History of Christmas given by Andy Thomas on 20 November 2019  in St. Paul’s Tadley Church Hall, on Tadley Green.